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Music And Song From Scotland – Greentrax 25th Anniversary Collection (2CD)

27 tracks: CD1: Dick Gaughan – Muir And The Master Builder * Barbara Dickson – Bridge Over Troubled Water * Skye Dance – Bannockburn * Eric Bogle – The Gift Of Years * Robin Laing – The Union Canal * Ian Hardie – The Old Bean Waltz * Jean Redpath – Dumbarton’s Drums * Archie […]

Ian Hutson and His Band – Memories Of Jim Johnstone (CD)

A tribute by Ian Hutson to the late accordionist Jim Johnstone – a perfectionist in performance, whose motto was “always play for your audience”. Ian Hutson (accordion) with Neil Dawson (fiddle), Alasdair MacLeod (second accordion), Jim Nichol (piano), Mark McDougall (bass) and Gordon Smith (drums). “The accordionists that I revere are no more than a […]

Scottish Dances vol 14 – The Craigievar Scottish Dance Band

Another selection in the Highlander Music series for Scottish Country Dancing.  The Craigievar Band has been around since the 1980s, and is run by Stuart and Alistair Forbes who originally come from Buckie in Banffshire. They have played at weddings, Country Dances and Reeling parties throughout the South of England. Among their more notable engagements […]

The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band – Scottish Country Dances (CD)

” Are ye dancin’? ” ” Are ye askin’? ” ” Ah’m askin’ “ … Lively dance tracks from the ever-popular Glencraig Band, led by Nicol McLaren. A fine six-piece band with lots of ‘oomph’ and plenty of lift, featuring two accordions, fiddle, piano, bass and drums. Instructions for all of the dances are given […]