Treacherous Orchestra – Origins (CD)

Treacherous Orchestra - Origins (CD)

Treacherous Orchestra - Origins (CD)

A turbo-charged twelve-piece plus guests supergroup comprising some of Scotland’s finest young          instrumentalists.

An album of rousing, high energy fusion work from the vibrant Scottish folk scene, influenced by rock as well as traditional Celtic styles.

Many of the group are also gifted composers, producers and engineers in their own right and 90% of the material is self-penned, with sophisticated musical arrangements.

Featuring members past and present of Croft No 5, Peatbog Faeries, Salsa Celtica, Session A9, Old Blind Dogs, Box Club and Back Of The Moon, The Treacherous Orchestra are influenced by pioneers such as Martyn Bennett, Shooglenifty, Wolfstone, Gordon Duncan… and Led Zeppelin.


Hear music samples, view track listings, see more details and order here:

Treacherous Orchestra – Origins (CD)

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